Glossy Clouds Share New Single ‘She’s Borderline’

French indie-rock collective Glossy Clouds, consisting of Jérôme Bralet (vocals and Guitar), Hugo Merle (Drums) have just shared their brand new single She’s Borderline, a captivating piece of indie/pop-rock music out now via UK independent label, KWS Blank Canvas Music. 
What I like the most about this song is its gritty rock sound and how it instantly creates an intense, confident-packed atmosphere that got me in a good mood in no time. Jérôme Bralet's rich, commanding vocals beautifully draw our attention to their relatable storytelling of resisting physical pain and discomfort. I am also very fond of the backing vocals and haunting harmonies which are paired with an insistent kick-drum thud and driving guitars that enhance the song's energy and give it a cool, gritty rock vibe. 
Speaking about the song, Glossy Clouds said,
we wanted this track to be powerful, with increasing intensity, and inhabited by a kind of heaviness and strange madness. The female vocals and the omnipresent beat come together to make a hypnotic but danceable sound. The song is about resisting physical pain, discomfort, and the need to break free from our Straitjackets.
She's Borderline arrives with a beautiful yet paradoxically disturbing, self-directed music video, which you can check out below!



Speaking about the video, they said,
We shot the video on a huge natural and unspoiled beach, far from the tourist bustle. This place was beautiful and paradoxically disturbing. We felt a kind of heaviness there… Exactly what we were looking for. We wanted it to exude aesthetic beauty as well as a disturbing feeling which we also mirrored through the body, through fight, through domination. The use of slow motion, drapes and colours underline the heaviness of the track’s subject.