FERGUS Shares New Single ‘If It’s Easier’

London-based, alt-pop singer/songwriter FERGUS has just shared his brand new single If It's Easier a sun-soaked song taken from his debut album Love Upside Down out now via Goldun Egg Records. 
Co-produced by FERGUS and Jake Gosling, If It's Easier tells a relatable, poignant tale that unravels to the human instinct to protect themselves. The song starts with a melancholy tone but it steadily evolves with a positive energy delivered through gently-strummed guitar riffs and rolling drum rhythms. I am a big fan of the tone of his voice and how expressive his vocal delivery is, effortlessly connecting us to the emotion of his storytelling. Definitely one of those songs perfect for a chill, laid-back summer's day alone with our thoughts. Check it out below!



FERGUS said about the single, 
The title-birthing track of the album. This was a song I had mapped out on guitar for ages and ages, just waiting for the verses to materialise. Life and love can beat us down, and make us want to close up and sort of “opt out” to feel safer. Is it easier? Probably. But will that lead to fulfilment…? So it goes from being very risk-adverse, to having doubts, then to eventually surrendering utterly - at the mercy of love.