Elliot Lee Shares New Single ‘54321’

Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter Elliot Lee have just shared their brand new single 54321, a punchy piece of indie-pop music out now via Photo Finish Records. 
What I like the most about this song is how passionate and confident Elliot Lee's vocals are, soaring effortlessly over the captivating production. 54321 is a song about being tired of having someone lie to you all the time until you're both living in different worlds. It shows how one person lying affects the way you interact with others, ending up not trusting them. This relatable message is beautifully conveyed through Elliot Lee's gorgeous, confident-packed vocals which are wrapped around infectious melodies packed with intricate guitar riffs, a punchy beat and a highly memorable chorus that got me singing along to it in no time. 
Speaking about the song, Elliot Lee said,
Sometimes when you catch someone lying it’s easier to just sit back and watch them lie than to confront them about it. But when their lies keep piling up, it can get to the point where there’s no way to distinguish what's true anymore. Your realities become separate, with one of you living in the real world and the other living in a fake world spun out of lies. There’s no reconciling once it gets to that point. 
Accompanying the release, Elliot Lee has shared its official music video, which they directed with Mike Mazza, which flawlessly embodies the song's powerful message. Check it out below!