Elle Baez Shares New Single ‘Pretty Insecurities’

Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter Elle Baez has just shared her brand new single Pretty Insecurities, an all-women written (Elle Baez, Angela Wang, Jasmine Hildebrandt) & produced (Tiger Darrow & Angela Wang) anthem created for the depressed, overstressed, overstimulated culture of todays society. 
I am really enjoying how powerful and confident her vocal delivery sounds, soaring brightly over the polished production. Pretty Insecurities is an empowering piece of music that encourages the listeners to have a good time and let go of all the nitpicking and insecurities. This uplifting anthem is wrapped around a polished electro-pop production that features a memorable beat, lush synths and warm rhythms that together create a powerful and anthemic atmosphere perfect for her gorgeous vocals and storytelling to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Elle Baez said, 
With the normalcy of plastic surgery & the pressure of social media today, as a body positive artist, I wanted to make an ironic bop that we all relate to when we feel down on ourselves to remind us that we are beautiful inside & out and to go out and live our lives to the fullest while we can.