Dylan Emmet Shares New Single ‘Do You Even Know’

New York-based indie-pop singer, songwriter and producer Dylan Emmet has just shared his brand new single Do You Even Know, a captivating indie-pop/rock song about struggling with anxiety. 
I am really enjoying the tone of his vocals and how expressive they are, instantly conveying the emotion of his relatable storytelling. Do You Even Know is a song about wishing that the people we love could understand what it's like in our heads, struggling with anxiety like we're constantly battling our minds, ending up simply exhausted from it. This message is wrapped around a polished production that features a killer trap-inspired beat nicely intertwined with soaring guitar riffs and drum patterns that create the perfect atmosphere for his expressive vocals and powerful storytelling to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Dylan Emmet said, 
I've struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember. This song came from the frustration of wishing that the people I love could understand what it’s like in my head. It's lonely battling my own mind all the time. I wanted a song that other people going through this could rage out to and know, they’re not alone.