Dems Share New Single ‘Witching Sticks’

London/Montréal-based audio-visual art trio Dems are back with a stunning new single called Witching Sticks, their first single from a new body of work in 2022. 
Produced by the trio, Witching Sticks is a captivating blend of several musical influences from across noise, jungle, guitar music and beyond, creating quite a memorable and enthralling listening experience. I am really enjoying the percussive elements throughout the song and how they are seamlessly intertwined with lush, expansive synths that beautifully back the smooth, evocative vocals. If you're into experimental electronic music you will enjoy Witching Sticks. This song is set to arrive on July 28th across all streaming platforms and until then we can check out their captivating 3D animation video that enhances the song's warmth and somewhat introspective vibes that won me over from the start. Check it out below!