Conor James Shares New Single ‘That Radioactive Feeling’

American singer and songwriter Conor James has just shared his brand new single The Radioactive Feeling, a captivating indie-pop song out now via La Reserve Records. 
The third single to be taken from his upcoming album Cabaret, due out this September, That Radioactive Feeling is a relatable song about not being able to focus yourself and being afraid of the world. It shares a message of letting go of bad thoughts and try to be and feel more optimistic. This message is beautifully conveyed through Conor's smooth, expressive vocals which are backed by a polished production that features intricate guitar riffs (And a killer guitar solo) nicely intertwined with catchy drum patterns and delicate piano chords that create an overall warm atmosphere, taking the listener through an emotional journey. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Conor James said, 
The finale, the 11 o’clock number. It’s about being afraid of the world, not processing the world well, and then feeling like what you’re emitting, because of that, is radioactive. You’re not centering yourself before you walk into rooms properly, so you go in there radioactive, as opposed to somebody who has had a moment to process. So just trying not to do that anymore and feel optimistic.