Connor Garvey Shares New Single ‘The Man I Want To Be’

American singer and songwriter Connor Garvey has just shared his brand new single The Man I Want To Be, a warm and intimate piece of indie-pop music. 
What I like the most about this song is how warm and expressive his vocal delivery sounds, instantly capturing our attention to his relatable storytelling. The Man I Want To Be is a song about longing and loneliness, missing the person you love. This message is wrapped around a polished production with an acoustic guitar-based melody (with touches of soaring electric guitar riffs) creating an overall warm and intimate atmosphere perfect for a chill, introspective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Connor Garvey said, 
 I was lonely but realized my loneliness was a fortunate kind. Not everybody’s loneliness comes from the same place. I was lonely because I had someone to miss that I was going to be able to return to. This filled me with a great sense of appreciation and that launched me into writing my deepest love song to date.