Astomic Shares New Single ‘Thin Line’

German DJ/Producer Astomic has just shared his brand new single Thin Line, a feel-good tropical house cut out now via Rarebase Records. 
What I like the most about this song is the contrast between the ethereal-like vocals and the rap verse that gives the song a cool touch that I find quite captivating. Thin Line is a song about a broken relationship and how hard it is to continue to pursue something that is destined to fail. This relatable song is wrapped around a warm electronic production that features lush piano chords, expansive synth lines and groovy rhythms that create an overall feel-good atmosphere perfect for carefree summer days. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Astomic said, 
You certainly know the feeling after a broken relationship and how hard it can be for one of both to keep going after it. That´s how I got the idea to write "Thin Line". The first thing I had in my mind was the melody (actually like always). While I was thinking about the lyrics and started to write the first sentences I got the female vocals by accident in a sample pack. The voice was nice and fits really good to the harmony and story of the track so I decided to take them.