Yoshi Flower Shares New Single ‘Star Shopping’

Detroit-based singer and songwriter Yoshi Flower has just shared his brand new single Star Shopping, a warm, laid-back piece of indie/lo-fi rock music out now via Heroine Music Group. 
What I like the most about this song is its warmth and intimate atmosphere, and how the whole production focuses on enhancing the emotion pouring from Yoshi Flower's heartfelt vocal delivery. Star Shopping is a beautiful rendition of Lil Peep's song of the same name and find Yoshi taking a softer, lyrical approach to the original with his voice aching tenderly over the intricate acoustic guitar-based melodies. I am also very fond of the way the backing vocals add an extra layer to this already rich and emotional piece of music. This is one of those songs perfect for a laid-back day alone, meditating and reflecting on life. 
In true Yoshi Flower form, ALL proceeds will be donated to organizations and recovery programs for those struggling with addiction and/ or their mental health. Check it out below!



About his cover choice, Yoshi says:
When I was lost in my addiction, I constantly listened to Peep. I related to how he spoke of using drugs as a way to feel okay; but he also showed the dangers and the comedowns. When he passed, I was devastated. Fentanyl is ripping our youth apart and it isn’t being discussed enough. Peep is another beautiful soul we lost too soon to addiction and the fentanyl epidemic. His passing is an urgent wake up call.