Yorina Shares New Single ‘Not Perfect’

French singer and songwriter Yorina has just shared her brand new single Not Perfect, the latest single to be taken from her self-produced EP, Bliss & Grief, which is out now via Cinq 7/ Wagram Music.
What I like the most about this song is the intricate guitars and how enchanting Yorina's vocals are, instantly setting the tone for a warm and introspective listening experience. I am really enjoying the way her vocal delivery infuses the song with a touch of vulnerability and emotion that is backed by a captivating production that features lush, expansive synths and catchy beats nicely intertwined with the organic guitar riffs. It's the combination of the ethereal smoothness of her vocal delivery with the catchy and chilled-out production that won me over and I think you'll love it too. Not Perfect is a heartfelt piece of music wrapped around a polished production that makes it perfect for those laid-back summer days ahead. Check it out below!