The Lovelines Share New Single ‘Steadily’

American brother and sister duo The Lovelines are back with their brand new single Steadily, a groovy lo-fi rock cut. 
The follow up to their previous hit singles 1-800-LOVELINE and Dark Thoughts About A Pretty Flower, Steadily continues to showcase the duo's knack to deliver instantly captivating pieces of music packed with heart, soul and infectious melodies. a capativating lo-fi/indie-pop song. I am particularly fond of Tessa D's rich, soulful vocals and how they instantly command the listener's attention to their storytelling. There's also somewhat of a sensual touch that I really like and is beautifully enhanced by the groovy percussive elements and subtle guitar plucks. Steadily is one of those songs I'd play during a relaxing weekend at home and I think you'll enjoy it as much as I am. Check it out below!