Tawotawo Share New Single ‘Circles’

Swedish indie band TawoTawo have just shared their brand new single Circles, an upbeat indie-pop/rock song taken from their debut EP Both Sides, which is out now! 
What I like the most about this song is the intricate guitar works and how they set the tone for a warm and infectious listening experience. Circles is a relatable song about wanting to let go of a relationship, but not wanting to be the one that takes the first step. This message is beautifully conveyed through passionate and melancholic vocals that are wrapped around a high-tempo production with disco touches, steady drum patterns, synth pads and a blend of bass and guitar riffs that create an overall warm, somewhat introspective atmosphere. Check it out below!



TawoTawo are:

Tor Bratt
Ola Andrén
Anton Karvonen
Wide Persson