Skott Shares New Single ‘Evergreen’

Critically acclaimed Swedish singer, songwriter, and producer Skott is back with her brand new single Evergreen, an upbeat electro-pop song out now via Cosmos Music. 
What I like the most about this song is how sweet and expressive Skott's vocal delivery is, beautifully infusing the song with a touch of emotion and vulnerability that I find quite captivating. Evergreen is a catchy pop song about a strong relationship that stood the test of time, with a lot of history but still with that spark of early stages of love. This cool love song is wrapped around a polished electro-pop production packed with warm rhythms that are nicely intertwined with groovy, soaring electric guitar riffs, steady beat and expansive synths that together create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



On the song, Skott shares:
In a way, it’s about a time-tested love, a relationship with a lot of history and growth. Like you can read it in the tree’s rings and scars. But at the same time there’s naivety, this young, unspoiled, puppy love side – an ever-green crown on a massive gnarly oak. I picture it growing taller and more beautiful with the years, while staying vibrant. I’ve always believed that this sort of love exists, and I’ve been feeling like I’ve found it. There’s someone special to me that inspired this song.