Rightfield Share New Single ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ feat. JordyPurp

American duo Rightfield, formed by Jack Blocker and Reed Hoelscher, have just shared their brand new single Boys Don't Cry, a gritty indie-pop/rock song out now via Quadio Records. 
The third single to be taken from Rightfield’s upcoming sophomore album, Boys Don't Cry features hip-hop-meets-punk-pop wordsmith JordyPurp who absolutely crushes his emotional verse, but it also touches on a heavier perspective lyrically than listeners are accustomed to hearing from Rightfield. Boys Don't Cry is a song about growing up in the south, around a certain type of show-no-emotion hyper-masculinity, where you have to be everything your dad wants you to be. The theme throughout the track centers on the toxicity of a “rub some dirt in it” mentality, a message wrapped around a fun and gritty earworm of a production packed with a punchy beat and soaring guitars that enhance the song's energy and message. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song Rightfield said,
'Boys Don’t Cry' is about us growing up in the south around a certain type of show no emotion hyper-masculinity where we had to be everything our dads wanted us to be. When I was nine I broke two of my fingers at school but we had a baseball tournament the next day and my dad was the coach so he asked me if I was good to still play the tournament and of course, I said yes instead of getting my fingers fixed. To this day I don’t have use of one of my fingers because I thought the right thing to do was “rub in the dirt” and move on.