nxtime Share New Single ‘247365’

New York City-based band nxtime, consisting of producer, singer-songwriter Ray Rubio, guitarist/producer Nate Thompson and drummer Imhotep Williams, have just shared their brand new single 247365, a highly infectious r&b-infused alt-pop song! 
Out now via Camel, 247365 is one of those songs I'd play whenever I want to unwind after a stressful day, forget about my problems and just enjoy its upbeat, feel-good melodies. I am loving Ray Rubio's gorgeous, soulful vocals which instantly command our attention to their relatable storytelling. 247365 is about coming to terms with the idea that there are some things only time can heal. Whether that's conquering your fears, forgiveness or finding self love. This message is wrapped around a polished production that pairs r&b, indie and alt-pop elements into a memorable listening experience. I am particularly fond of the killer bass, steady percussive elements and cool guitar riffs that create an overall chill, feel-good atmosphere perfect for a fun weekend out with friends. Check it out below!