NIGHTMÅNE, an American-Norwegian music duo consisting of Anthony Starble and Sigurd Heimdal, have just shared their brand new single REVIVE, a funky, retro-infused piece of electro-pop music.
Like its predecessors, what I love the most about the song is Anthony Starble's distinctive voice and how passionate and soulful his vocal delivery is, effortlessly drawing our attention to their relatable storytelling. REVIVE invites us into a sexual place we so often hide from where dark desires are brought to light, reviving what has been forgotten or suppressed. This message is beautifully wrapped around a dark soundscape with buzzy bass tones and a hollow snare that I find quite captivating. I am particularly fond of the punchy beat, cool guitar riffs and lush, bright synths that give the song that hazy, retro touch that I really like.  
REVIVE is yet another great gem delivered by NIGHTMÅNE with its infectious chorus and anthemic atmosphere perfect to get you in a good mood and ready for a night out with friends. Check it out below!