Jacob Sorenson Shares New Single ‘One Good Thing’

American singer and songwriter Jacob Sorenson has just shared his brand new single One Good Thing, a warm and emotional song that shares a hopeful message of moving forward with one's life while remembering the good things in the past. 
Written about two of his close friends who went through divorces and ended up as single parents raising their kids. It's a song that shows despite going through a bad relationship and breakup, there's still something good that came out of it, their kids. This relatable song was produced by Steve Phillips and shows Jacob Sorenson beautifully showcasing his expressive and passionate vocals as well as his piano skills. I am very fond of the warmth and emotion of this song and how honest and heartfelt it sounds. Check it out below!



Speaking about this song, Jacob Sorenson said, 
I wrote this song about my two close friends who went through divorces and were left as single dads raising their kids. One just had a baby girl a year before his divorce, the other has a four year old little girl. Their situations were very similar with their Wife telling them that they never loved them, alcohol abuse, and drug abuse. The idea of One Good Thing is a hopeful message of moving forward and onward while still remembering that one good thing came from it all, their kids, specifically their baby girls.