Isabel LaRosa Shares New Single ‘HEAVEN’

Breakthrough alt-pop artist Isabel LaRosa has just shared her brand new single HEAVEN, the third and final installment of her new EP, i'm watching you, out now via Slumbo Labs/RCA Records. 
I am LOVING how smooth and ethereal-like her vocal delivery is, soaring beautifully over the captivating electronic production, infusing it with a hypnotic and dreamy touch. I am also very fond of the way her dreamy vocal delivery contrasts with the punchy beat and expansive synth works that enhance the song's warm and hypnotic touch, instantly making me want to get up, close my eyes and surrender to its infectious melodies. Her harmonies are on point and the production is flawless, creating an overall feel-good atmosphere that oozes carefree summer vibes. 
Accompanying the release, Isabel LaRosa has shared its official music video, which she directed with Giles Perkins, that is part of a video trilogy inspired by Isabel's love of horror and suspense films. Check it out below!



Speaking about the video trilogy, Isabel LaRosa said, 
The video trilogy is not exactly based on what the songs were originally written about. The visuals were inspired by my love of horror and suspense films, specifically Stranger Things and the short films Lights Out and FryDay. The videos follow a girl walking home alone at night initially unaware of being closely pursued by an unknown figure. In the Haunted video, she’s pursued while walking and in the Help video she is trying to escape in her car. This leads to her getting out of her car and symbolically dying. In the Heaven video, she wakes up disoriented and unaware of where she is and not realizing she’s dead. As the video progresses, she realizes that she is still being pursued by something but in a different form. At the end, sunlight is seen for the first time throughout the three videos. This symbolizes that she knows she is dead, and the ending implies that she fully acknowledges her pursuer, no longer trying to run from it.