Deathcruiser Shares New Single ‘Under Your Skin’

Deathcruiser, the new project from Grizfolk's Adam Roth, has just shared his brand new single Under Your Skin, a captivating blend of indie-folk and alt-country music out now via Earthslang Records. 
I am really enjoying the tone of Adam Roth's music and how passionate his vocal delivery is, packed with so much emotion that instantly connects us to his relatable storytelling. Under Your Skin is a song about wanting to be swept away from the chaos and misery here on Earth and wanting to be in a place where those uncomfortable Earthly feelings don't exist. This captivating song is wrapped around a polished production packed with soaring guitar riffs and punchy drums that create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for an introspective day home alone. Check it out below!



Adam says on the track,
If there’s any chance life exists outside this planet, I hope this song reaches them. 'Under Your Skin' was written as a sort of bat signal, sent out into the universe in hopes of an alien abduction. The song touches on the chaos and misery here on Earth, and a desire to be swept away to a far off place by celestial beings. Metaphorically speaking, it’s a yearning to know what it feels like to live without the uncomfortable Earthly feelings.