Dalton Cyr Shares ‘Dying to Love You’ Music Video

American Multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Dalton Cyr has just shared the official music video for his latest single Dying to Love You. 
Directed by Julian Davis, the video dives into an all too familiar story of feeling trapped in a toxic relationship packed with several highs and lows. The lyrics surround a yearning for love, but not without recognising the difficulties of a relationship. Cyr’s raw vocals help to paint an intimate look into the song’s romantic narrative. It's Dalton's passionate vocal delivery, packed with raw emotion, that won me over to this song and I think you will enjoy it too. Backing his lush vocal delivery we have a warm pop production that feature delicate piano chords nicely intertwined with a steady beat and cool guitars that create the perfect atmosphere for his vocals to soar. Check out the video below!



Speaking about the song, Dalton Cyr said,
I wrote this song to capture the helpless feeling of being trapped in a hot and cold relationship. The toxicity of emotional high highs and low lows takes a toll on the psyche, hence the title, 'Dying To Love You.