Bobby Marks Shares New Single ‘Sucker Punch’

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and producer Bobby Marks has just shared his brand new single Sucker Punch, a high-energy pop song. 
What I like the most about this song is how passionate Bobby Marks's vocals are, soaring effortlessly over the upbeat melodies. Bobby's voice is all at once melodic and percussive, driving the song forward until you are literally sucker punched by a beat drop. Sucker Punch is a song about allowing yourself to be vulnerable and take a chance to follow your dreams. This message is wrapped around a polished pop production that radiates energy and passion, making it perfect for radios and to get one ready for a fun weekend. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Bobby Marks said,
“Sucker Punch” is a lot more metaphorical than the inane love song message of the lyrics. The song is about allowing yourself to be vulnerable and taking a chance on an opportunity. To me, this song is about the eye opening experience of a flirt with fame. It’s about taking a chance on achieving my dream.