Annelle Staal Shares New Single ‘Tonight’

Nashville based singer, songwriter and Twitch social media influencer Annelle Staal has just shared her brand new single Tonight, an upbeat, feel-good pop song about falling in love. 

What I like the most about this song is how expressive Annelle Staal's vocals are, soaring effortlessly over the upbeat pop production that got me hooked right after the very first chorus. I like the way Annelle beautifully conveys the emotion of her relatable storytelling, a celebration of young love that is wrapped around infectious melodies that feature lush piano chords nicely intertwined with a catchy beat and intricate acoustic guitar riffs that together create an overall upbeat, feel-good atmosphere.

Speaking about the song, Annelle Staal said it is about,
falling fast for someone around a fire, which is something that happened to me a lot in highschool. I have many fond memories of allowing my mind to run wild with the possibilities of a new person and a new life. As a closeted queer living in the south, sometimes that was with another girl. As a young adult who is learning to celebrate my identity, my thoughts travel back to those moments.
Accompanying the release, Annelle Stall has shared its captivating official music video which beautifully embodies the song's message and feel-good vibes. Check it out below!