Amber Ryann Shares New Single ‘Liquid Courage’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Amber Ryann has just shared her brand new single Liquid Courage, a captivating alt-pop song about one's false sense of over confidence that comes from a few couple of drinks. 
What I like the most about this song is its mysterious and alluring touch, featuring a punchy beat and cool synths that create the perfect soundscape for Amber Ryann's smooth, confident vocals to soar. As the title implies, Liquid Courage is about that moment people get some drinks in order to give them a sense of confidence to do things they wouldn't do sober. Apart from her lovely vocals and cool synths, I am particularly fond of the cinematic strings in the intro and how the song has an overall warm atmosphere perfect for a fun night out. Check it out below!



Amber says on the track, 
Reminiscent of the concept of 'Blurred Lines' Liquid Courage is all about the false sense of over confidence and temptation that comes along with drunk encounters and late night rendezvous. This track is as cinematic as it is mysterious and alluring.