Like Mint. Shares New Single ‘Constantly Growing’

Berlin-based singer and songwriter Like Mint has just shared her brand new single Constantly Growing, a melancholia-infused piece of folk/singer-songwriter music taken from her new EP, I Wish I Was Awake, which is out now. 
What I like the most about this song is how expressive and packed with raw emotion her vocals are, instantly capturing our attention from start to finish. Constantly Growing is an introspective song about realising that we're not longer the person we were at a specific point in our past, sharing with the listeners that we are constantly growing as individuals. This relatable message is wrapped around a memorable production that features intricate guitar plucks nicely intertwined with delicate piano keys, warm rhythms, cool beat and haunting harmonies that create an overall warm, melancholic atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Like Mint. said,
„Constantly Growing“ starts off and looks at things in life that have held you back or people that have made you feel small. In dealing with it, you realize that you are no longer the person you were then. You break away from the false truths others have spoken about you and get closer to who you really are.