Eva Snyder Shares New Single ‘keep dancing’

Nashville-based singer and songwriter Eva Snyder has just shared her brand new single keep dancing, a super smooth and intimate love song. 
Inspired by her own wedding, keep dancing is a focused reflection of her own life and is her first love song to date, beautifully showcasing a softer, loving side to her artistry. I am particularly fond of how delicate and emotive her vocal delivery is, soaring effortlessly over intricate acoustic guitar plucks and emotive piano chords that create an overall warm, heartwarming atmosphere. keep dancing is a perfect song to be played as first dance in a wedding, celebrating love between two people. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Eva Snyder said,
this song is so special to me. the origin story of this song is rooted in my own love and loss. the song actually began as a completely different song and a tribute to my grandfather who passed away in the winter of 2021 and then I re-wrote the lyrics to turn it from a song about loss into a song about love. the original, loss version of this song will be released in a few weeks but I wanted to release this celebration of love first. i hope this song can connect with others in love or dreaming about love. i am very proud of this song and looking forward to having it played at my very own wedding this fall...and until then, i'll keep dancing.