ELKAE Shares New Single ‘White Dress’

Dublin-based electronic soul singer, songwriter and producer ELKAE has just shared her brand new single White Dress, an indie-r&b-infused electro-pop cut about a relationship she was in where her girlfriend's ex was relentless in trying to win her back. 
What I like the most about this song is how rich and expressive ELKAE's vocals sound, effortlessly capturing our attention to her relatable storytelling. White Dress finds the talented artist exploring new styles of production and writing, getting very personal about some things she experienced over the last couple years, in a humorous, light hearted and blunt way. Apart from her gorgeous vocals I am particularly fond of the expansive synths that are nicely paired with a killer bass, groovy guitar riffs and percussive elements that create an overall warm atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about this song, ELKAE said,
I wrote this song after my girlfriend's ex kept making attempts to win her back during our relationship. She used to corner her on nights out and say things like “I can see you in a white dress walking down the aisle to me”. It was obviously very hurtful and frustrating, but I took quite a lighthearted, humorous approach to the whole thing. It’s interesting as well because I wrote this song about my girlfriend at the times ex trying to win her back, but I sing about it as if it was my ex trying to win me back. I think it’s because I had absolutely no control over the situation, and this was my way of releasing some of that frustration. There’s a part at the end where I sing what I suppose I wish she would have said to her from the beginning, things were unfortunately a bit more complicated than that, but it made for great inspiration. There's a few parts to this story and relationship. I learned so much about myself and went on such an incredible personal journey, and you’ll be able to see it unfold over my next few releases coming out in 2022.