Akuvi Shares New Single ‘What We Are’

Norwegian-Ghanaian artist, songwriter and entertainer Akuvi has just shared her brand new single What We Are, a super smooth Contemporary R&B song. 
Written about the relatable feeling of wanting to know "what we are" in an undefined romantic relationship, What We Are is a sad an honest emotional ballad with edgy trap influences that make the song stand out even more. What I lke the most about this song is how soulful Akuvi's vocals are, effortlessly connecting us to her relatable storytelling of deciding to be alone again, with a broken heart. It also tackles themes of longing nights, indecision and frustration that most of us can relate to. The production is super smooth with warm rhythms and an infectious trap-infused beat that create an overall laid-back atmosphere perfect for an introspective day home alone. Check it out below!