Zach Hood Shares Visuals For Heartfelt Single ‘never knew a heart could break itself’

Los Angeles-based 20-year-old singer, songwriter and TikTok heartthrob Zach Hood has just shared the official music video for his gorgeous, heartfelt single never knew a heart could break itself. 
Out now via Arista Records, never knew a heart could break itself is a powerful pop song about breaking up with someone and regretting your decision, missing that person and having only the memories and photos left. This relatable message is beautifully conveyed through Zach Hood's emotive and dynamic vocal delivery which glides beautifully over the intricate guitar riffs and percussive elements.
Speaking about the song, Zach Hood said,
This song is about breaking up with someone but slowly regretting my decision while she has moved on. Then, I’m left feeling incredibly stuck. I can’t take the photos of us off the shelf. I can’t get past the relationship. But I don’t want to selfishly intervene in her life and mess up anything good happening for her. The photos and memories are all that I have left.
Its accompanying music video, directed by Zebulon Griffin, flawlessly embodies and enhances the emotion of Zach Hood's heartfelt storytelling and you can check it out below!