Terry Emm Shares New Single ‘Wish You Were Here’

British singer and songwriter Terry Emm has just shared his brand new single Wish You Were Here, a heartwarming piece of Americana out now via Azez Records. 
His first release since 2018's Ornate EP, Wish You Were Here finds the talented artist revisit one of his songs, Here, a song from his 2012 sophomore album Petals Fallen Off The Sun. This rework is now wrapped in a classic Americana singer-songwriter coat, with Lukas Drinkwater’s superb Fender Rhodes & double bass flourishes, creating the perfect atmosphere for Terry Emm's lovely, expressive vocals to soar. I am really enjoying the emotion pouring from his vocals and how the whole production tugs on the heartstrings with its wide-eyed sentiments of love and loss. Definitely a memorable listening experience with touches of nostalgia and melancholia perfect for an introspective day home alone. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Terry Emm said, 
The song is a reworking of a track called ‘Here’ from my 2012 ‘Petals Fallen Off The Sun’ album. That album was my ‘difficult second album’ in many ways and I always felt like ‘Here’ was one of my best songs that hadn’t quite been realized yet and one day I’d revisit it. The idea stuck with me for some time, niggling away, so I felt like it must be done. So now, in a way to introduce myself back into the world of music, I thought why not touch on the past but also bring things up to date at the same time. Every recording is subjective and captures a creative moment in time as it is and that’s what can make re-visiting songs years later in a new production setting really fun.