Seba Safe Shares New Single ‘Oscars’

Seba Safe, the brainchild of Galway singer and songwriter Michael D'Alton, has just shared his brand new single Oscars, a melancholy-infused breakup song. 
Out now via Nettwerk Music, Oscars beautifully showcases Seba Safe's stunning, heartfelt vocals and songwriting abilities that won me over from the start. I adore his timbre and how a gifted storyteller he is, singing about putting on a happy face as a way not to worry the ones close to us. When one goes through a breakup it is inevitable to be sad, but sometimes we act happy as a way friends and family don't worry about us. Oscars also makes us question how truly happy others are, or if they are also acting to be happy. This message is beautifully wrapped around a melancholy-infused indie-pop production packed with intricate guitar riffs and steady drum patterns that create an overall warm atmosphere perfect for an introspective day at home. 
Accompanying the release, Seba Safe has shared its official music video, directed by Outlier, which embodies the song's warmth and melancholic feel. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Seba Safe said, 
 It’s about acting happy when you're not, so friends and family don't worry about you. Using happiness as a front. Also, the song questions the authenticity of other people’s happiness.