Samica Shares New Single ‘Stumble Home’

San Francisco-based, Indian-American singer and songwriter Samica has just shared her brand new single Stumble Home, a lovely indie pop song. 
I am really fond of Samica's dulcet vocals and how they beautifully connects the listeners to the emotion of her relatable storytelling. Stumble Home is a song about loving someone but struggling to tell it to them, only to realise how good you had it until it's too late. This message is nicely wrapped around a captivating production with memorable guitar riffs that are seamlessly intertwined with steady percussive elements and lush, cinematic strings that create an overall warm, heartwarming atmosphere perfect for a relaxing day home alone. Check it out below!



Samica says on the track,
Sometimes when you love somebody, it’s hard to admit to yourself and to them. 'Stumble Home' is a song about realizing how good you had it, a little too late.