Raelle Shares New Single ‘Grace’

London-based singer and songwriter Raelle has just shared her brand new single Grace, a captivating Neo-Soul infused piece of R&B. 
With Grace Raelle showcases a darker, richer and more nuanced sound, beautifully pairing neo and symphonic soul influences with a more up-tempo beat that allow for her lovely vocals to soar. This is a song about finding yourself again after the torment and depression of a broken relationship, exploring the complex dynamics between love, loss and hate, and sinking back into the dark that is depression and losing a sense of who you are, before calling on ‘Grace’ to help navigate your way back. I am a fan of Raelle's expressive vocals and how they are packed with so much soul and emotion, soaring effortlessly over the polished production. The song starts with a melancholic swell of a string quartet, before the catchy drums and rich vibrations of the bass kick in. Have a listen to this gem below!



When speaking about Grace Raelle says that, 
Grace is a metaphor for calling on a higher power whether that be something inside yourself, or something else to help you get out of this dark place. This song is a cry for help, and explores feelings that come with depression such as the feeling that you are sinking as life overwhelms you, as well as the feelings of love and hate that linger after the breakdown of a relationship that can send your head spiralling. This song represents a feeling that many of us know well but may not be able to put into words, it represents the want and the will to carry on, but not quite knowing how. It represents the loneliness and isolation that comes with depression, and recognising that at the end of the day, the only person who is coming to save you is you.