Peyton Shay Shares New Single ‘True Love Never Dies’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Peyton Shay has just shared her brand new single True Love Never Dies, an upbeat pop-rock track out now via PS Music. 
The follow up to her angsty 2000s-inspired pop song Aftertaste, True Love Never Dies finds the talented artist beautifully showcasing her powerful, confident vocals over an infectious pop-rock production packed with tons of energy. This is a song about realising that true love lives on forever and is wrapped around soaring guitar riffs that are nicely intertwined with punchy percussive elements that create an overall warm atmosphere packed with tons of attitude and energy. 
Accompanying the release, Peyton has shared its official music video, directed by Alex DiMarco, which beautifully embodies the song's warmth and message. Check it out below!



Peyton says on the track,
'True Love Never Dies' is an eccentric song pulling inspiration from timeless rock hits and modern elements. After almost losing someone close to me, I realized love and connection lives on for an eternity, both here on earth and beyond. The edgy verses represent the feeling of anxiety when you know time is moving too fast, and you wish you could slow it down. However, a realization occurs in the chorus, shifting the mood into a euphoric feeling of fulfillment after realizing the love you share never dies.