Onyda Share New Single ‘I Know What I Want’

Onyda, the moniker of British artist Shae Rhiannon, have just shared their brand new single I Know What I Want, taken from their upcoming debut EP, Queen of Duality, out on May 20th via Imprint Music 3! 
A celebration of their desire for chaos which is created simply by embracing who they are and the boundaries that they break simply by being themselves, I Know What I Want is a memorable indie-pop cut that beautifully showcases Onyda's gorgeous, expressive vocals and storytelling abilities. I am particularly fond of the piano chords and how they are nicely paired with steady drum patterns, catchy rhythms and lovely harmonies which create quite a warm, feel-good atmosphere. 
Accompanying the release, Onyda have shared an arresting music video, directed by Beth Rowland, which beautifully embodies the song's confidence and feel-good vibes. The video sees Onyda roaming the streets where they grew up in an urban Wild West standoff against the world as they ooze confidence in being able to express what they want. Check it out below!



Speaking on the track and the video, Onyda said, 
I portrayed myself as this dystopian cowboy roaming the streets because sometimes the act of being yourself feels like being in a standoff with the rest of the world - it feels that way to me most days actually. I’m inspired by the landscapes of Stoke and I love documenting them in my visuals.