Omido & Ex Habit Share New Single ‘PLEASE’

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Ex Habit has teamed up with Austria-based producer Omido to deliver a captivating piece of indie/electro-pop music titled PLEASE which is out now via CloudKid. 
I am a fan of Ex Habit's signature silky-smooth vocals and how they effortlessly infuse the song with a lustful and sensual touch. Coupled with some raunchy lyricism, is a powerful, pre-chorus drop that is playful and made sonically more attractive via Omido’s grandiose, goosebump-inducing production — of which includes a steady piano melody in the background, and a striking guitar riff looming throughout. I am also very fond of the killer beat and how the song has an overall warm and sensual atmosphere that makes it perfect for bedroom sessions or for a night drive out with someone special. Have a listen to this sinful, lustful dark-pop track below!