NOAH Shares Debut Single ‘What The Other Boys Do’

19-year-old South Africa-born, Luxembourg raised singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Noah reveals his candid debut single What The Other Boys Do, a brooding slow jam that finds his confessional lyricism mapping out his journey as a transmasculine guy navigating the world trying to be himself. 
I am really enjoying the tone of his voice and how expressive it sounds, instantly drawing our attention to his earnest, heartfelt storytelling. What The Other Boys Do is NOAH's way to shine a light at the preconceptions people have about trans people, giving us a glimpse of his feelings and experiences as a trans man. This honest storytelling is beautifully back by a contrasting, upbeat production with cool rhythms creating an overall warm atmosphere for his vocals to soar. 
Speaking about the song, NOAH said, I wrote
‘What The Other Boys Do’ about the reality I face as a trans man. It’s a song that, I hope, forces people to confront their preconceptions about trans people, and empathise with the situations that we sometimes find ourselves in. The lyrics are very straightforward which leaves little room for debate as to what I’m trying to say, while the song itself is quite upbeat which serves as an oxymoron to the words.
Accompanying the release, NOAH has shared its official music video, directed by Jamie Noise, whic perfectly captures the feel of ‘What The Other Boys Do’ and depicts a car journey representative of Noah’s transition. Check it out below!



Speaking about the video, NOAH said,
My main goal was the capture the feelings that I’ve had throughout my journey and lay them out in a comprehensive, visual manner. The day itself was cold and grey, which added to the edgy quality of the video - it’s dark and just beautifully shot.