Michèle Ducray Shares New Single ‘Manifesto’

New Zealand-based singer and songwriter Michèle Ducray has just shared her brand new single Manifesto, spellbinding, dark and edgy electro-pop banger. 
I am loving the tone of Michèle Ducray's voice and how confident her vocal delivery sounds, soaring beautifully over the upbeat electro-pop production. Co-produced by leading NZ musician producer, Devin Abrams & Sydney-based Liam Quinn, Manifesto is an edgy pop banger with a euphoric EDM beat that pays homage to the ‘true crime’ genre. Apart from her vocals and memorable driving beat, I am very fond of the lush synths and how the song has an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere that has instantly got me ready for a fun weekend. Manifesto is delivered with an equally beguiling video, made by award-winning New Zealand director Shae Sterling. Through chaotic, rapid movements, illusions and flashbacks, the video is a ‘Euphoria’ inspired depiction of the song’s meaning. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Michèle Ducray said, 
It’s a pop-infused horror story. I wanted to create something that depicted a seemingly naive woman getting caught up in a serial killer’s web. Except she’s kind of a bad-ass and he becomes the victim. It shows women can bite back and shouldn’t be viewed as helpless creatures. It shows the killer luring his victims on date nights so that he can claim them as part of his ‘Manifesto’ but his latest victim - me - takes him out before he can get her. She’s a huntress seeking a form of twisted justice.