Mia Vaile Shares New Single ‘Lonely Girl’

Israeli-American singer and songwriter Mia Vaile has just shared her brand new single Lonely Girl, a confident-packed piece of electro-pop/rock music. 
Taken from her Loner EP, Lonely Girl is a guitar-heavy track inspired by an epiphany she had- lies make you lonely. It shares a message that everyone has lied about something at some point, but when you lie to those closest to you it leaves you alone, in a head full of doubts. I am loving how her dulcet tone glides beautifully over the high-energy production, instantly making the song quite a memorable listening experience. Backing her lush vocals we have soaring electric guitar riffs that are nicely paired with heavy-hitting drums and cool electronics that create an overall confident, high-energy atmosphere that got me headbanging to it in no time and excited to share it with you guys. Check it out below!