Matt Morson Shares New Single ‘True Country’

Canadian country artist Matt Morson has just shared his brand new single True Country, a high-energy, anthemic Country song. 
I am really enjoying the passion pouring from Matt Morson's lush, confident vocals which effortlessly draw our attention to his relatable storytelling. Written by Morson and produced by Harley Butt (Acrylic Recording), True Country is an authentic ode to the artist’s own country way of life. The themes of the song are brought to the surface through a constant high-energy vibe, a distinct country swagger, deft touches of heavy rock, and a lyrical journey that reflects Morson’s core as a dedicated singer-songwriter. It's the song's infectious energy and soaring guitar riffs that won me over and I find it perfect to be an anthem for a fun summer with friends. Check it out below!



In speaking about the single, Morson says, 
I wanted to write something that walks the line between being a fun summer smash and an unapologetic in-your-face country tune. In addition, I wanted to deliver an honest message that could also act as a friendly nudge against some of the stereotypes that are promoted by mainstream country music – about everything from the way people look to what they drive, and what they do for fun. In my neck of the woods, we come from all walks of life, and it’s nowhere near as easy as it might seem to others. We struggle, we scrape by, we work like dogs, and we have as much fun as our time allows us, before the grind starts all over again. The common bond between everyone in the country way of life is that we all do the best we can.