Marie Naffah Shares New Single ‘Angie’

London-based singer and songwriter Marie Naffah has just shared her brand new single Angie, a stunning piece of indie-pop music taken from her upcoming second EP, ‘Trains’, set for release on May 27th via Frictionless. 
As soon as I heard her voice I knew I was going to love this song. Marie Naffah's rich, soulful voice instantly captures our attention to her relatable storytelling of accepting that sometimes it's okay to be sad and that it's actually easier than pretending to be happy. I am really enjoying the way the song starts quite slowly and warm with emotive piano chords backing her lush vocals until it bursts with energy in the chorus with killer percussive elements, subtle electronics and cool guitars. I am particularly fond of the thumping beat throughout the song which is nicely intertwined with the piano chords and guitar riffs that create quite a warm atmosphere. The chorus gives the song an uplifting dose of energy which contrasts with the melancholic touch of the piano chords, making the song quite an enthralling listening experience. Have a listen to this gem below!



Speaking of the track, Marie says, 
‘Angie’ is about accepting that sometimes it's easier to be sad than pretend to be happy. The song says 'that's OK - you be upset, I'm here.’ It can be scary sharing something so raw, but I think that fear is good - it means something. I’d listen to Leonard Cohen in the studio and remind myself that softening the blow doesn’t necessarily make for good music. These songs are a product of a hard two years. I guess everyone’s felt it in some way, so I hope it resonates with people.