Louis Pax Share New Single ‘Get You Off My Mind’

Swedish pop band Louis Pax, consisting of lead singer Oscar Reingsdahl, his brother Gustav Reingsdahl on guitar, friends Hannes Tingfors on bass, and Hannes Pennsäter on drums, have just shared their brand new single Get You Off My Mind, an upbeat piece of indie-pop music. 
I am a fan of Oscar Reingsdahl's passionate vocal delivery which is packed with so much soul and emotion, gliding effortlessly over the upbeat melodies. Get You off My Mind is a relatable song about wanting to escape the chains of day-to-day reality, to get those anxious thoughts out of our minds, find a place where we can escape from reality and just feel free and at peace for a moment. I am one of those people that always need an escape from my problems and listening to music really helps me forget about them for a while. Louis Pax beautifully capture these feelings in this song which is wrapped around uptempo drums and bass that masterfully create an incredibly beautiful foundation throughout the song, which lets the guitar and vocal melodies shine. Get You off My Mind is the perfect song to get you singing along to it in no time and allow yourself to breathe and just have a good, carefree time. Have a listen to this gem below!