Lila Dupont Shares New Single ‘Realize It All’

18-year-old American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lila Dupont has just shared her brand new single Realize It All, an enchanting folk/indie-pop song. 
I am loving the tone of Lila Dupont's voice which is quite warm and packed with raw emotion, effortlessly taking the listeners deep into her inner world. Realize It All is a song about doing all you can to put on a brave face when things aren't going that well, about the loneliness of trying to hide your emotional pain. It's a song that encourages listeners to let it all out and not bottle things up until you reach a breaking point. This powerful message is beautifully conveyed through her emotional vocals which are backed by intricate acoustic guitar riffs that are nicely paired with subtle rhythms that burst with energy in the chorus with punchy drum patterns, enhancing the emotion of her gorgeous vocals and storytelling. Quite a warm and memorable listening experience which you can check out below!



Speaking about the song, Lila Dupont said, 
‘Realize It All’ is about wanting to look like everything’s all right, even though you’re really struggling inwardly. It’s about how you don’t have to let yourself get to your lowest point for anyone to care – you can just let it all out. I wrote “Realize It All” in a rental house during the start of quarantine when everything in my life was filled with uncertainty except for the empty room down the hall with amazing acoustics. The musicians involved include drummer JT Bates, bassist Mike Lewis, and guitarist Eli Menezes.