Kim Vestin Shares New Single ‘The Bitter Light’

Swedish singer and songwrriter Kim Vestin has just shared her brand new single The Bitter Light, a catchy indie/alt-pop song about the bittersweet aspects of living. 
Kim's lush, expressive vocals are definitely the star of the song as they are packed with so much emotion, beautifully drawing our attention to her storytelling. Produced by Kim and Love Sivik, The Bitter Light is a song that uses contrasts between light and dark to match the feelings one goes while living, showing that in life there are always bittersweet moments. Apart from Kim's gorgeous vocals, I am very fond of the undulating delay guitars which are nicely paired with steady drum patterns and ethereal ooh-choirs that create an overall warm, somewhat melancholic, atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Kim Vestin said, 
I started writing the song several years ago, when I lived in a terribly small studio in Stockholm and enjoyed the kind of life where I could choose to avoid the sunlight on days when the world felt too painfully beautiful in comparison to my spiritual eclipse. The song uses contrasts such as light and darkness, sorrow and hope, to convey how the good life is usually usually bittersweet.