Kid Travis Shares New Single ‘Violets’

American singer and songwriter Kid Travis has just shared his brand new single Violets, an upbeat pop song out now via Groovie Gang Entertainment. 
What I like the most about this song is its uplifting, feel-good atmosphere and how it effortlessly brightened up my gloomy day, getting me in a good mood to carry on with my day. Kid Travis's vocals are very smooth and sweet, oozing with soul and emotion that instantly connects the listeners to his storytelling. Apart from his vocals I am also very fond of the intricate guitar riffs and how they are nicely intertwined with a steady beat and his lovely harmonies. Violets is one of those songs perfect to sing along and to get everybody in a good mood thanks to its warmth and feel-good vibes perfect for a fun weekend with someone special. Check it out below!