JEZ_EBEL Shares New Single ‘Why Do You Believe In Love’

Norwegian singer and songwriter JEZ_EBEL has just shared her brand new single Why Do You Believe In Love, the latest single to be taken from her upcoming 5-track EP, the humbling chronicles of jez, set to arrive soon via Playground Music. 
Why Do You Believe In Love is a super smooth lo-fi pop song about feeling insecure about loving someone, allowing low self-esteem and the past to make you question why someone would be in love with you. This is a very relatable song that is beautifully carried by JEZ_EBEL's silky smooth and enchanting vocals which glide effortlessly over the infectious melodies packed with lush guitar strums and warm electronic elements that create quite a soothing, laid-back atmosphere. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, JEZ_EBEL said, 
«Why do you believe in love» is about feeling extremely insecure about loving someone. Past aches and the confusion about how someone can genuinely be in love with me. How is it possible? The song is rendered with impostor syndrome and low self esteem. In my previous affairs, I have always been the driving force within romance. Often leaving me exhausted,empty and feeling used afterwards. Now that I am safe it feels foreign, because ancient feelings keep plaguing me.