Hanna Ögonsten Shares New Single ‘Rockstar’

Following last month's debut Bang My Head, Swedish singer and songwriter Hanna Ögonsten has just shared her sophomore single Rockstar, a playful, synth-heavy indie-pop song. 
Taken from her upcoming debut album, Rockstar is a song about how some musicians live their life as rockstars without the success with others havig to put up with their reckless behaviour. This catchy and honest storytelling is beautifully conveyed through Hanna's gorgeous vocals which ooze so much confidence while gliding effortlessly over the upbeat melodies. I am particularly fond of the bright synths, steady beat and playful melodies that create an overall warm, feel-good atmosphere. Check it out below!



After a trip to Berlin visiting her friend, Hanna got inspired to write this track. One night she was at a party full of other musicians,

There was one guy that you could tell had taken something, he acted like an asshole, was mean to my friend and after a while he passed out. I remember how some people helped him even though he definitely didn’t deserve it. After this I got aware of other musicians that are acting the same way. They live the myth of a rockstar-life but without the success and unfortunately the people around them are the ones who have to pay for it.’’,

Hanna comments on the new song.