Greta Isaac Reveals Eye-popping Video for ‘PAYRI$E’

Welsh singer and songwriter Greta Isaac is back with the official music video for her blustering pop anthem PAYRI$E, the 5th single to be taken from her forthcoming EP I Think You’d Hate It Here, due out in May via Made Records. 
I am a fan of the song's energy and how both her vocals and production ooze so much confidence that instantly got me in a good mood in no time. To match the song's anthemic touch, Greta Isaac has just shared its eye-popping music video which flawlessly embodies and enhances the song's energy and feel-good vibes. At its core, the video showcases the fun and humour involved in its own creation, with Greta’s wild colours, passionate dances, and movement full of life providing the ultimate contrast to the scene. Check it out below!



Speaking of the new music video, Greta said, 

We had a ton of fun on the set for the video for PAYRI$E. I knew I wanted there to be a push and pull between me and the viewer - a sort of “come hither” attitude one minute, then some resistance, and then complete desperation the next. It reminds me a lot of my teenage angst of wanting so desperately to be liked by my peers or some random dude I fancied in school, and I wanted the video to show the mania and unpredictability of trying to find ways of getting someone’s attention. The quick switches between showing disinterest and clinging on for dear life. I love this video and everyone involved in the making of it! Shout out to Toby the DOP who let me raz him about in the public toilet of an abandoned office block.