Ghost WriDer Shares New Single ‘SPOT ME FLY’

German artist Ghost WriDer has just shared his brand new single SPOT ME FLY, a killer Deutschrap/Autotune track that got me in a good mood in no time. 
I don't need to understand all of the lyrics of this song because the polished production and infectious melodies speak for itself, clearly setting the tone of a memorable listening experience perfect for get us in the mood for a fun weekend ahead. I am really enjoying the tone of the vocals and how confident they are, soaring beautifully over the bass-heavy production. This is one of those songs that I would play whenever I want to unwind after a stressful day and just enjoy the infectious beat and dance. Accompanying the release, Ghost WriDer has shared its captivating and colourful music video which beautifully embodies the song's confidence and energy. Check it out below!