Forgotten Garden Share New Single ‘Jessica (Acoustic)’

Scotland-based band Forgotten Garden, consisting of Portuguese singer and songwriter Inês Rebelo and guitarist Danny Elliott, have just shared a stunning acoustic version of their single Jessica
Jessica is a sad, haunting meditation on a woman searching for inner peace after suffering domestic trauma. It seeks to highlight the fact that traumas of this nature will often affect the mental state of victims, in some form, for life. This powerful storytelling is beautifully conveyed through Inês Rebelo's haunting vocal delivery which is packed with raw emotion, instantly making us feel each and every single word she is singing. Inês Rebelo's lush vocals are beautifully complemented by Danny's wistful acoustic guitar and the melancholy violin and cello of the Severnduo. This is a powerful and memorable listening experience with an overall melancholic and introspective atmosphere. Check it out below!